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Benevolence (Financial) Help

Financial Help

We here at First Christian Church believe that we are to help those in need with Spiritual guidance first, then physical/financial help second. We do everything that we can possible to help those who are financially hurting through our benevolence fund. However, in the past, we have been abused by those who we have helped. In 2020, we implemented a policy to ensure help for people in need while still protecting those involved with making Benevolence help.

• Our policy is: In order to receive help from FCC, those who are in financial help will need to pick up a form from the FCC office.
• That form will need to be taken to First Christian Church or your home church on Sunday and will need to be signed by an Elder or Pastor of the church with the phone number of the church.
• You will need to bring the signed form back to the FCC office on the following Monday where we will then give the assistance.

We understand this may not be physically possible for those who are unable to get to FCC or their home church. While we understand this, at this time we are unable to help those who are physically unable to pick up the form in person. If something changes, we will be sure to update this policy.

In Christ,
FCC Staff

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