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Covid-19 Information

While we know this is an uncertain time, we at First Christian Church are taking every precautionary step that we can to keep our congregation safe.

Here’s what we are doing:

1. Block off every other row to ensure safe social distancing

2. Providing hand santitzier station at the elevator and at the main entrance of the sanctuary

3. Providing masks

4. Santizting the building with a special chemical that kills all bacteria and helps prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here’s what how you can help:

1. Wear a mask when entering the building/sanctuary (you may remove them to when we worship in song as well as when we worship in partaking the bread and the cup)

2. Sanitize your hands when entering the building as well as before entering the sanctuary.

3. Practice social distancing 

4. If you are feeling ill (cold like symptoms, fever, runny nose, etc.), stay home and watch our live streamed service via Facebook.

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